Why Running is not bad for your knees

A hotly debated subject, is running Bad for your knees? Lets take a look....

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Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated. Thats the key to achieving success and reaching goals. But its easily lost and can be hard to find. Here are 10  tips to creating a mindset that helps maintain motivation (from the Huffington post : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stacia-pierce/10-ways-to-stay-motivated_b_4941277.html) . 

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Exercise To Reduce Cancer Risk

Exercise has so many powerful benefits other than weight loss, so next time you are thinking your just not motivated to exercise think again!

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Don't exercise to lose weight

Dont exercise to lose Weight
Exercise to live better, live longer, fight disease

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I have found the Fountain of Youth!

Want to know the secret of finding the fountain of Youth?

All the info is right here in this article! 

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Can you do the basics right?

Can you do basic exercises right?  Read this blog to learn the correct exercise techniques.  

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I want to be Toned.....

Want to look toned?   Read this blog to find out what toned means, and how to achieve this look. 


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Stop Eating Low fat crackers and eat some real food

Stop eating low fat crackers and start eating some real food. Your body Needs Nutrients!!! So stop focusing on Calories this and low fat that and focus on getting the nutrients your body really needs.  

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Boot Camp is Back!

Want to get fit and lose bodyfat?   Come and try our NEW BOOTCAMP1 

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Self Defense Program

Spectrum Gym is pleased to announce a new Self Defense Program!    Starting February 2015.    Gain confidence and fitness.  

Contact Spectrum Gym for more info  3889 8888.   

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Gym Holiday Hours

From all the staff at Spectrum Gym we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday!  Look forward to helping you achieve your goals in 2015.

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How to stay fit this Silly Season

There’s no denying it — we’re well into the silly season, with many of us merrily delighting in month-long festive feasting!  Read this great article for tips on how to stay fit & healthy this Xmas! 

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Healthy Snack Recipe

Looking for a healthy snack idea? Try out this quick healthy recipe... No bake Energy Bites!  

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Never too old to get fit & healthy

Think you are too old to lose weight and get fit?  Read our inspiration staff group fitness instructor Geoff's story of how he changed his life from being sedentary,overweight and unhealthy to being the healthiest and fittest he has ever been at 59 years young! 

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The 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 Diet.   What is it?   Is it healthy?  Or just another fad.  
Read this informative article taken from John Hart's Fitness Blog 

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Stay Motivated to exercise over Winter

Lacking motivation to exercise with the cold weather?   Read this article for great tips to get back on track. 

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How to avoid Weight gain at Easter!

Tips to avoid Easter weight gain! 

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Healthy eating tips

April's heatlhy eating tips - presented by Spectrum Gym's accredited Dietician, Radiant Health Nutrition 

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Exercise Reverses Aging in Muscle

Exercise reverses the effect of aging in muscle tissue

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What is a Healthy Diet for weight loss?

Having trouble losing or maintaing your weight? Do you know what a healthy diet looks like?, The following article may give you some answers...

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Weight loss fact: How much exercise is enough?

Want to know how much exercise is enough to lose weight?? Read this article

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Winter Motivation

Need some extra motivation this winter?   Here's some great tips to help! 

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New Website

We are very excited to reveal our new website!

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