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Healthy Eating Tips from Dietician -  Radiant Health Nutrition
Kathryn Evans
Accredited Practising Dietitian
B App Sc (Med Sc),
M Nutr Diet


1. Creating obstacles to overeating can reduce how much we overeat

  • Researchers have found offering wrapped lollies to one group of people and unwrapped lollies to another group resulted in the group receiving unwrapped lollies eating 50% more lollies than the group who had to unwrap their lollies.
  •  Keep unhealthy foods in an air-tight container in an unused corner of a spare room, or downstairs. 

2. Making healthy eating the easier option can reduce how much energy-dense, nutritionally poor food we eat
  • Keep unhealthy food out of sight and keep fruit in a fruit bowl in plain view – or easily accessible in the fridge.
  •  Cut up some veggie sticks in the morning (while getting breakfasts or lunches ready) and keep on a plate or in a clear container in the fridge – then they are handy to grab if 

We hope you enjoyed Kathryn's tips to help with your weight loss and healthy eating!    Want to find out more information from our accredited Dietician Kathryn Evans?      

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 Kathryn Evans
Accredited Practising Dietitian
B App Sc (Med Sc),
M Nutr Diet


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