How to avoid Weight gain at Easter!

The rest of the world may be consuming its collective weight in chocolate eggs, but you don’t have to let Easter derail your weight-loss efforts! 


 Article written by Helen Foster at ninemsn.com.au and Clare Collins, spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia.:-  (refer the link below for the full article)

Here are some great  tips we enjoyed reading from the nine.msn website, which we are sure you will find very helpful over the Easter Break!

Less is more

You don’t have to forgo chocolate altogether — just be discerning about what you buy. "Don't buy too much, but buy good quality," Clare advises. "Get a little Lindt bunny rather than a bucketful of eggs from the two-dollar shop." Or try choc-dipped strawberries. "You’re combining chocolate with something healthy, so you get the flavour without the energy density."

Stick to Sunday
Easter goodies used to arrive in shops just a few weeks before the festival itself — now some supermarkets unveil their Easter products on Boxing Day. If you can't face the thought of an Easter without chocolate, enjoy your eggs and hot cross buns on Easter Sunday only — not the three months leading up to it!

Don't lose count
The kJ in chocolate eggs and hot cross buns soon add up. For example, the average hot cross bun has around 750kJ (178cal). Add a teaspoon of margarine and a dollop of jam and that's an extra 320kJ (76cal).

But don't torment yourself if you indulge — just make room in your daily kJ budget. "If you want to stick to your budget but have a few treats, keep a food diary," Clare says. "You can definitely work it in. Have your tuna and salad but, rather than having two slices of bread, that can be the day you have your hot cross bun."

Go dark
While dark chocolate has a similar number of kJ to milk, it's higher in antioxidants and its richness means a little goes a long way. White chocolate has the most calories.

Good gifts
If someone you care about is trying to lose weight, don't tempt them. "Be careful that you’re not undermining someone’s good intentions,’ says Clare. "Give them flowers instead."


Read the full article here


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