Never too old to get fit & healthy

Ever think you were too old to make changes and start being healthy?

Think again!   Meet our Spectrum Gym Group fitness instructor Geoff who is 59 years young who went from being someone who never exercised or played sport (except for a round of golf) and overweight to making some big life changes to now be the fittest and healthiest he has ever been!    Read Geoff’s story here – in his own words.

Geoff's Health & Fitness Journey

I am a 59 year old (Bio age 43) who until I turned the ripe old age of 50 had never  thought about exercising, and to that point had never been to a gym or played sport, except for a round of golf once a week  (in which I used a motorized buggy.)

13 years ago, I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes and was on medication for the  first 7 years to treat the diabetes.   As  I was one that did not like taking pills, I spoke with my doctor to consider other treatment options, the doctor explained if I wanted to get off medication, the only way was that I was to loose weight through changing my diet and exercise. My  doctor told me at the time that my weight for height/frame should be approx. 87 kilograms and  I was 114 kilograms. I remember making a comment at the time saying “You’ve got to be kidding -  I have not been 87 kilo’s since starting high school.

So, 6 years ago I started a journey -  I stepped foot in the Spectrum Gym and also took up riding a mountain bike. In conjunction with the exercise,  I also started recording food that I was eating on a daily basis on a website called Calorie King ( this is a site that I recommend to anyone serious about loosing weight).  This website is great as  It holds you accountable for your own actions it is a free site and you can control your whole food, exercise program. I put myself on a 1,800 calorie a day food intake and exercised daily and recorded this as well.

 I decided that I would give the weight loss a real effort and with the help of a friend who was in the same weight predicament as I, we started working out and started riding once a week and I started to really enjoy the riding so I decided to do the bicycle ride from Brisbane to the Gold Coast 100 kilometres to support the diabetes foundation it was hard work but liked it so much that I have done it each year since. We have started a bike group at Spectrum and we regularly go for rides on the weekends.

As part of my recording of food and exercise, I made sure that I weighed myself once a week on the same set of scales on the same day, time and clothing so there were no conflicts with myself over whether the scales were correct and if maybe my body was retaining fluid.

On the exercise front, I found that I really enjoyed the cardio side of things so much so that I set about making a concerted effort to train my heart to reduce my resting heart rate which now stands at 48bpm which for my age is excellent.

The result from all these changes?  My weight started to reduce and over 18 months, I lost 30 kilograms and got to a weight of 84kg.   My doctor was so pleased with the effort he decided to let me off the medication and I have been off them since. With an average blood sugar reading over the last 6 years of 6.3, the range to be in is between  4 – 8.
I have never felt better and as I really enjoyed the exercise and the feeling it gave me I decided to do a cert 3 & 4 in health and fitness, I completed the cert3 and will be looking at completing cert4 early next year.

So my advice to anyone else out there who thinks they are too old too change their habits -  ” CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR WORLD”



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