Stop Eating Low fat crackers and eat some real food

Next time you go to buy low fat crackers or low fat cereal ask yourself why?
What is food to you, and what should it provide?
Most people will say energy, you need food for energy....That is true, however food is so much more than just energy!
This is a common problem people make and it can be quite dangerous. They view food only as calories, and to stay under a magic number of Calories like 1200 to lose weight. People also obsess about low fat for the same reason, to keep calories low. Well there are plenty of low fat foods that arent helping you!

Food is where we get the NUTRIENTS we need to sustain good health. If you have poor nutrient intake, your health will not be optimal, and you may have very poor health. By Nutrients I mean Vitamins, minerals, whole proteins, good fats etc.
Foods high in nutrients include vegetables, meats, nuts, low processed dairy and low processed grains.

Foods low in nutrients are the highly processed manufactured foods that often come in a box and are usually wheat based. They usually have other additives like raising agents, firming agents, dehydrogenised vegetable oils. Yes they have carbohydrates for energy and fibre, but they tend to lack a lot of the nutrients our bodies need. Some cereal companies will add vitamins and minerals to thier foods to give it more nutrient value. 

The problem many people have is that they focus on low fat 99% fat free, and low calories on these manufactured packet foods and are not focusing on eating real food  like  vegetables, meats, nuts,  dairy which come with the quantities of nutrients that nature intended.

Focus on these foods and not the low fat packaged wheat based foods and wathch your health and and your body change for the better!
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