I want to be Toned.....

I want to be toned but not put on muscle......Sound familiar???

Hate to break it to you but you dont look toned without muscle!!! 

What is toned anyway? My favourate response to this was..."It's an evil cardio-queen word invented in the 1980s to get women to buy leg warmers and pink 2lb dumbells"

After speaking to a few people about what they think toned is I got a number of varying responses but for the most part people wanted a flat stomach, arms that you could see some muscle definition but not to the point where you can see veins and muscle strenue. 

To achieve this look you need to increase your muscle size and reduce your stored body fat. The best way to do this is to add high resistance to muscles which is weight training, and to lower body fat, well thats mostly what goes in your mouth.

So when you want to get toned all you really want is more lean muscle mass to give the body the shape you want, where you want it and less body fat so you can see the muscles a little that youve worked hard to grow through regular Resistance training (lifting weights). And dont worry you wont get huge "Arnie" muscles by doing a few curls, huge muscle growth actually takes a very long time and a lot of training.

So hit the weights room, and clean up that diet and youll be on your way to looking "toned".

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