I have found the Fountain of Youth!

I found it!  The Fountain of Youth! 

I have discovered the fountain of youth. We have searched long and hard and after years of heart ache we have finally discovered where to go to stop the aging process, get back to the size we were and to restore our youth….….….And I’m going to tell you where to find it………
Below are the step by step directions to get you there.....

Step 1:
Make sure you get a good night sleep before you begin the journey….8 hours sleep with at least 6 of those hours being quality sleep. This will make sure your hunger hormones stay regulated. When you don’t get enough sleep your hormones will tell you are hungrier and we don’t want you hungry on your journey tomorrow.

Step 2:
When you wake up, start with a good breakfast in the morning. Make sure it’s nutritious and either has some good protein and fat or is low GI because this will keep you fuller for longer for the big day ahead. Try eggs mushrooms tomato and avocado or if you over slept and want something a bit quicker try some oats with strawberries.

Step 3:
Start at spectrum Gym. Let’s get you ready by limbering up with some cycling or rowing or treadmill, we want you to be able to get your heart rate up and not fall over , so practice getting your heart rate up and get used to a bit of sweating. You’ll need your strength too, so get in the weights room and do about 30 – 40 minutes working those big strong muscles. Don’t forget to work those legs, the track to the fountain can get steep. 

Step 4:
You might have to drop in to work to let the boss know where you’re going. But let your work know your on a mission by keeping busy, so don’t let your work chair slow your energy down, get up lots, walk around the office as much as possible, stand at your desk if you can, because the more you sit the slower you’ll get and that’s only going to slow you down for your big journey. 

Step 5:
You’ll need to re fuel with some more nutritious food! We don’t want you filling up on sugar!! Sure you’ll get a quick burst of energy but you will get tired and hungry too soon, you won’t be able to use your power house fuel FAT. Fat can provide twice the energy that sugar can, and if you eat sugar your hormones will tell your body to hold on to fat so you can’t use it as fuel. So make sure you eat your vegetables to get lots of vitamins and minerals to make your cells more efficient at using energy, recovering, growing and keeping your immune system strong for the journey ahead.  Don’t forget to get some good protein in like eggs, fish or meat to help keep you full and to help those muscles recover. The journeys is long, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Step 6:
Get in the zone. You’ll need to clear your head of obstacles so that you don’t fall off the track.
If there is anything bothering you or something that is going on in your head, your going to have to do something about it. Otherwise it will weigh on your mind and stop you from staying on the track.
If work is too stressful, a relationship is straining you, or there’s something missing in you life you will need to address this because the journey is long and the track can be slippery. You need to be able to concentrate on yourself while you’re trying to get to this magical fountain or you will slip off too easily.

Step 7:
Pack you backpack with foods that are going to help get you along the road to the top of that mountain without unwanted stops. Make sure you know what foods your gut likes. If you eat foods that harm your gut health and cause bloating, irritable bowels, and inflammation, it is going to be a long painful trip.

Step 8:
Say goodbye to the old you because your about to embark on a journey that will likely change you forever……And don’t worry if someone else gets there before you or if someone else looks like they got a bit more fountain of youth juice than you…be happy with what you have achieved to get there, and know that our bodies different and will respond differently to the youth juice and yield different results….it will give you the best body you can achieve not the best body someone else has achieved..

Here are the steps in summary
1. Get good Sleep
2. Eat real whole nutritious foods (also part of step 5)
3. Exercises regularly
4. Move your body more when your not “exercising”, while  at work and at home
5. Control Your hormones by eating real food that is low processed, low sugar including, vegies , meat, dairy, nuts, fruit, low processed whole grains.
6. Look after your mental/emotional health
7. Look after your gut. It houses most of your immune function and is the gateway of food between it and the blood stream. An unhappy gut can cause an array of health issues, weight problems, and immune problems, so give it some serious thought.
8. We are all different genetically, be happy with your achievements, we won’t all be swim suit models.


What about the Fountain of youth? Where is it?
Health is a journey…..a process….it is life long. There is no magic juice, detox, diet Fad, or pill that you are missing or that we are going to discover. We have the answers, we’re just not doing them….
If you look after your health you will enjoy a healthy body you can be proud of, and you will be able to enjoy a better quality of life

For more info on these aspects of health listed that are so key to good health, I would recommend reading and/or listening to this blog post by Kevin Geary who has identified  6 pillars to achieving health.
This post “the fountain of youth” is based on his Blog post the 6 pillars of health…




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