Welcome Back! We look forward to seeing you in the gym taking care of your health!

Accessing the gym during Covid 19 will be different for a while. In order to operate in the current environment, a COVID Safe plan has been adopted and is available at reception for your perusal. While this plan informs our operations as a business, it also directs the conduct and conditions of access for members. Please indicate your agreement to the following conditions of access to be applied from now until further notice


Be considerate of the health and wellbeing of others by:

  • NOT attending the facility if I am unwell, have symptoms of COVID-19, suspect I may have been infected with COVID-19 (including close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID19) or been advised by health authorities to self-isolate. Spectrum staff will ask any member who displays symptoms of illness to leave the premises immediately.
  • Contacting the gym to notify them promptly if I test positive for COVID-19 and have been to the gym within 4 weeks prior to this knowledge.
  • Responding appropriately to directions from Spectrum staff. Guidelines and requirements will be modified over time and the staff have an obligation to oversee the implementation of the appropriate plan and implementations.

Assist Spectrum to meet its obligations for contact tracing by:

  • Recording my entry times to the facility by swiping my membership card and using the Check In QLD QR code at reception for appropriate contract tracing registration.
  • Limiting my movement within the Spectrum facility to the Gym and associated areas – gym floor, outdoor fitness, indoor fitness studio.
  • Accessing only the facilities designated for the gym. Sanitary facilities in other buildings must not be used.
  • Arriving and leaving promptly before and after each visit.
  • Utilising any booking protocols that may be put in place for gym sessions or classes.

Comply with recommended social distancing and personal hygiene standards by:

  • Following the social distancing rule of keeping 1.5m from others at all times.
  • Washing hands with soap or sanitiser upon entering the facility, throughout my session and before I leave the facility.
  • Avoiding congregating in and around the facility.

Comply with the hygiene standards required specifically for fitness and gym environments by:

  • Using the sanitising spray and the wipes provided for each piece of equipment before and after I use it. This includes all contact points eg: seat, back rest, leg rests, handles, pin select, dumbbells and mats, even areas covered by my towel.
  • Bringing a large clean towel (at least 1.2m long) to place over every piece of equipment that I use. No towel no workout rule applies. Spectrum will not be lending or renting towels out.
  • Bringing my own drink bottle and adequate drinking water supply. No bubblers will be in use.
  • Making payments by card is preferred.

Spectrum staff will be monitoring adherence to this agreement and to subsequent variations in individual protocols as they occur.

I understand that I will be asked to leave the premises is if I am in breach of the conditions of this agreement and that Spectrum Gym may terminate my membership in the event of repeated or deliberate non-compliance.

By signing you agree to the above terms of use.