Do you have an injury or health condition?

An Exercise Physiologist is a University trained Health Professional with expertise in prescribing exercise & healthy lifestyle advice to treat a variety of health conditions. We help people with

The Spectrum Gym Exercise Physiology services are facilitated by accredited exercise physiologists with a wealth of knowledge. We strive to be a positive influence on health and assisting those who need our assistance and we have the time and the experience to focus on every individual who walks through our doors.

We specialise in the delivery of quality exercise prescription to assist with the management of chronic disease, chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, falls prevention, disability and NDIS services.

Currently we provide one on one and small group training that works towards delivering results based on the individual’s specific needs. All exercise prescriptions are based on the individual’s needs, your physical capabilities, as well as your personalised goals and lifestyle.

With an aging population there is a need to be able to effectively help manage conditions such as different types of arthritis and osteoporosis. Our friendly staff are able to help with the use of appropriate exercise-based interventions to help maintain mobility, improve balance and manage pain levels.

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Our Exercise Physiologists are experts in working with our clients to return their bodies to their previous functionality.  We can work with those who have sporting injuries, workplace injuries to those who are recovering from reconstructive or joint replacement surgeries. Our Exercise Physiologists work with you to help you get moving again and getting back to all the activities that you enjoyed. 

Some of the more commonly injured areas includes:

Back-  Upper, middle and lower back injuries can greatly effect a person’s mobility and there function for their everyday life. Through specific, individualised interventions that use a combination of mobility, muscle activation and functional movements you can manage pain, improve supportive musculature and musculature strength.

Hips- our hips are essential for functional movements such as walking,  lifting and general everyday movements, to help individuals we work towards maintaining and improving mobility and strength.

Knees- injuries or pain at the knees can negatively impact a person’s mobility and comfort when participating in daily activities, therefore it is vials to work towards improvement and managements so that a person can return to their active lifestyles.

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Here at Spectrum, we understand what it is like for those who have lived with back pain and we have highly trained exercise physiologists with in-depth knowledge about the use of exercise interventions to work on pain management, mobility and quality of life.

All our interventions are individualised to make sure that the intervention has the best possible outcome working towards the individual’s goals.

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At Spectrum we are informed about the intricoes involved with management of conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease and many other related conditions.

Our exercise physiologists can provide an aerobic and resistance-based exercise intervention in a safe and supportive environment, with the goal of working towards the individuals needs. By helping to facilitate this we can help our clients improve their health, independence and quality of life.

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We have a history in the community of always having our door open and working with those who have a disability. We strive to allow everyone access to the support that they need to live as healthy and independently as possible.

With the support of our Exercise Physiologists who have the experience of working with a wide range of conditions. 

An Exercise Physiologist will work in conjunction with your GP and other health professionals you may already be seeing such as a physiotherapist to achieve the best outcomes possible for your health and wellbeing.

So if you feel you need expert Health & fitness advice from a professional, Exercise Physiology is your answer. 

If you would like more information regarding our Exercise Physiology Service, you can contact us on (07) 3889 8888.