Spectrum Gym has a range of member policies and information to help you get the best out of your membership.

Membership Holds

You must see reception and fill out a hold form:

  • Maximum 8 weeks total hold per 12 month membership (including Direct Debit)
  • Maximum 4 weeks total hold per 6 month membership
  • Maximum 2 weeks hold per 3 month membership
  • Minimum 2 weeks hold at any one time
  • Flexi direct debit members accrue 2 weeks hold after each 3 months of membership
  • Members on either direct debit membership are entitled to a hold during any Covid-19 related lockdown period greater than 1 week in duration.

(A holding fee of $10 per fortnight is applied to direct debit memberships as stated in the direct debit agreement. Periods of hold for direct debit memberships must be taken in fortnightly increments to maintain the existing payment schedule. No holding fee is applied to upfront memberships)

1 Month and 10 Visit Memberships

  • No holds are available. In certain circumstances management may at its discretion, approve a hold period for these levels of membership. If you are unable to utilize your membership due to significant and unforeseen circumstances, you are encouraged to approach management.

Membership Cancellation

Direct debit memberships during the minimum contract period

  • Requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing and include directions for the payment of the remaining minimum contract fee. This fee may be paid in a single transaction directly at the gym reception terminating your contract immediately or alternatively, you can direct the fortnightly payments to continue until the minimum term expires at which time the cancellation will take effect. You are entitled to access your member benefits until the contract is formally terminated.
  • Requests for cancellations due to an extended incapacity (illness) must be submitted in writing with supporting documentary evidence. No cancellation fee will be applied in such circumstances
  • A period of 30days notice is required for the cancellation of all direct debit memberships.

Direct debit memberships after the minimum contract period

  • Requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing
  • A period of 30days notice is required for the cancellation of all direct debit memberships
  • No cancellation fee applies to direct debit memberships cancelled after the minimum contract period has been served.

All other memberships

  • There are no refunds on memberships paid upfront. You may transfer your membership to another person. A member transfer form must be filled out at reception and signed by both parties.

Children in the Gym

You must be 14 years or older to use the facility. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent present when doing a casual visit and when joining as a member. Children under 14yo cannot enter the weights and cardio room. Management may allow children to hire a ball and play on the basketball court while parents are using the gym. Their supervision is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver

  • 14 year olds can use the cardio room only
  • 15 year olds can use the cardio room and non weights based classes.
  • 16 & 17 year olds can use the whole facility provided they have had an assessment and program prescribed

Personal Training

  • Personal training sessions must be paid for at reception
  • There are no refunds on personal training sessions including 10 pack personal training sessions
  • Notice of 24hours is required to cancel a PT session without charge. The full fee applies to cancellations where less than 24hours notice has been given. In exceptional circumstances management may at its discretion waive the notice period or associated fee.


  • The classes prescribed on the group fitness schedule are included as part of your membership at no additional cost
  • Please book your place for classes at reception. Failure to do so may result in disappointment as spaces are limited.


Spectrum Gym is a community facility and we pride ourselves on our professional staff, friendly atmosphere and unique facilities. We ask that all people accessing our facility be mindful of the impact of their behavior on others. Management reserves the right to cancel the membership and immediately eject any person whose behavior has the potential to adversely impact on the safety and experience of other facility users or may result in damage to the facility or equipment.

We endeavour to maintain our equipment and facilities to a high standard and ask that reasonable care is taken by all service users. Any damages to equipment, accidents or injuries should be brought to the attention of gym staff immediately.

Spectrum is committed to member satisfaction and we ask that you raise any concerns directly with us in an open and honest manner. We can only address your concerns if we’re aware of them. If you have a concern or some feedback, please approach the gym manager directly or alternatively Spectrum’s CEO Melanie Armstrong on Ph 3881 3310 or [email protected] Spectrum Gym is unique in that it is part of a broader community facility. Your membership fees help us to foster inclusion within the local community and support those experiencing disability or disadvantage. Thank-you for your support.

Please sign and date the space below to confirm your agreement with the policies stated here.