Don’t exercise to lose weight

Don’t exercise to lose weight

What, you mean I don’t need to exercise anymore? Well no that’s not what I mean……far from it!!!
Your body needs to move!!! 

Exercise will help you lose weight, but if you make exercise all about losing weight then you’re forgetting all the other critical benefits of exercise.

This is a huge problem because when people don’t see the results on the scale , they ditch the exercise……….PLEASE DON’T BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE!!!!

Here’s a list of a few things that exercise does other than weight loss.

·         Increased bone density
·         Increase muscle strength and size
·         Reduces depression and anxiety
·         Increased Insulin sensitivity (lowering risk for and controlling diabetes)
·         Increased mobility
·         Increased functional capacity
·         Improved Balance preventing falls
·         Improved oxygen carrying capacity
·         Improved oxygen delivery to tissues
·         Lower Blood Pressure
·         Lowers Blood triglycerides
·         Improves Joint Pain
·         Decreases risk for cancers
·         Helps with cancer treatment
·         Helps reduce decline in mental function
·         Help prevent Alzheimer’s disease
·         Reduce risk for heart disease
·         Improves energy levels

In a nut shell… exercise will improve your whole quality of life… Not just help you lose a few kilos

Here’s a recent ground breaking study on Exercise and Cancer Patients on ABC Catalyst